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To deliver a recruitment exercise based on the preparation of a recruitment specification, generation of applicants through focused advertising, detailed assessment / short listing and securing chosen candidates.


1. Understanding our client’s requirements by:

* Developing a thorough knowledge of the client: history, products, and work environment, operating style, culture, values and future plans.

* Obtaining a clear understanding of the position to be filled: the overall responsibility, key tasks, performance measurement, short and medium term goals, most challenging aspects and career prospects.

* Producing a clear profile of the individual required to fill the post including the essential knowledge and experience, desirable skills, personal qualities, remuneration and benefits package.

2. Generation of candidates by:

* Producing creative and considered advertising copy for appropriate media.

* Selecting candidates for initial interview.

2. Assessment, Selection and Short listing by:

* Carrying out in depth interviews to assess suitability and validate previous experience and achievements. Profiling and probing to identify likely strengths, weaknesses and personal characteristics.

* Presenting the opportunity in the most positive way possible and providing the client with detailed candidate assessments.

4. Securing chosen candidates by:

* Assisting the candidate and client to agree terms.


1. A comprehensive and professional approach with minimum commitment on client management time.

3. A choice from a broad spectrum of well qualified candidates in a predetermined time-scale.

4. Establishment of commitment from candidate, client and consultant.

5. A cost-effective recruitment process, with choice of confidentiality or PR opportunity.

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