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A comprehensive service based on planning and co-ordinating specific recruitment programmes by becoming part of the client organisation and acting as the prime internal and external contact point for all elements of the recruitment process.


1. Understanding our clients requirements by:

* Integrating into the client organisation and gaining acceptance by line and personnel managers. Building a comprehensive understanding of work environment, operating style, culture, values and future plans.

* Obtaining a clear understanding of the positions to be filled and producing detailed recruitment profiles.

2. Generation of candidates by

* Briefing selected recruitment agencies.

* Co-ordinating a selective advertising campaign.

* Identifying potential companies for direct approach through search.

3. Screening and Short listing by

* Designing and co-ordinating appropriate interview programmes, streamlining the selection process and optimising the involvement of line managers.

* Presenting the company and the opportunities in the most positive way and assisting in ensuring acceptance by chosen candidates.


1. A comprehensive and professional approach with minimum intrusion on client management time.

2. A choice of well-qualified candidates in a predetermined timescale through being able to implement different recruitment methodologies in parallel not in series.

3. Establishment of common recruitment standards in client organisations

4. Greater choice generating candidates from an extended ‘pool’.

5. A cost effective recruitment process, with the flexibility to respond to temporary workload peaks.

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