Multi-channel Engagement

Do business at the speed of the customer.

Web based contact management solutions make it easy to provide your customers with a broad range of ways to contact your agents, including voice, email, web chat, IM, SMS and social channels. Web contact management solutions allocate agents across multiple interaction types through true multimedia blending. A single agent can carry on a number of different customer simultaneous conversations from the same workstation.

Chat and IM Routing

  • Give agents and customers the ability to interact through Microsoft Lync or over the web through inbound routing of IMs and Web chat
  • Enable self-service, data-directed routing, skills-based routing, greetings, attention retainers, salutations, recording and reporting capabilities all within a single Web contact management system

Short Message Service (SMS)Text

  • Integrate with SMS carrier technology to leverage messages that contain customer-specific information Enhance your overall outbound strategy within advanced list and campaign management
  • Get flexible dialling options with escalation and retry options, automation and exclusions

Email Routing

  • Use established business rules to determine the action required for inbound email, including auto-acknowledge and auto-respond using natural language processing
  • Route email to a multimedia manager for additional actions
  • Address customer email inquiries with a personalised response
  • Send replies directly to customers via auto-response, or deliver answers to agents as suggested responses
  • Expedite the email creation process and proactively target customers

Multi-channel automated self-service and proactive outreach

  • Take advantage of multi-channel outbound capabilities, including automated self-service (voice, web chat, IM) and proactive outreach (voice, email, SMS)
  • Match interaction time with the right resources, for differentiated customer service, personalised sales campaigns and precision-targeted collections

Superior Web Customer Care Delivered

With 70% of online consumers expecting businesses to try harder to provide superior online customer service, how can an organisation compete?